Etnoloska tribina
Since 1978, the Journal of the Croatian Ethnological Society has been annually published under the title Etnoloska tribina. The works published in Etnoloska tribina are professional and scientific papers presented at the annual meeting, as well as other relevant research and professional ethnological papers. The first number of the journal under the title The Works of the Plenary Session in 1970 (Radovi plenarnog sastanka 1970.) was published in the year 1971. From the year 1972 till 1977, the journal was published as Reports (Izvjesca).
The current circulation is 300 copies, published in the Croatian language with summaries in English. Editor in chief is dr. Sanja Potkonjak.

The HED Bulletin is the association’s internal newletter published several times in the year. Current editor is Marinko Vuković. Published in the Croatian language.

Etno-info is an electronic distribution list bringing the latest news and information from ethnology, anthropology and related fields, as well as about the activities of the Croatian Ethnological Society. Released in the Croatian language, edited by Sandra Urem

Guidelines for the preservation of ethnographic collections
The idea for publishing these guidelines comes from the need to aid in instructing the numerous curators of ethnographic collections in administration norms and conforming to criteria for protection which will enable them to preserve folk treasures in their collections for future generations. The Croatian Ethnological Society published “Guidelines for the preservation of ethnographic sites” the first time in 1980. Later, an enlarged and amended edition was published with the title “Guidelines for the preservation of ethnographic collections” due to initiative from the managing board of the Croatian Ethnological Society. The work targets the problem of preserving ethnographic objects in private ethnographic collections as an aspect of the work of field conservators and curators in museums. The authors are Zvijezdana Antos and Ana Mlinar. Published in the Croatian language, the Guidelines for the preservation of ethnographic collections may be downloaded Here.


Nagrada Milovan Gavazzi

The Croatian Ethnological Society bestows the annual "Milovan Gavazzi" award for exceptional achievements in ethnology