Long term project

Culture and Transformation: Croatia 1945-1990
HED has begun an interdisciplinary scientific research project with the working title " Croatia 1945-1990". The theme and questions which interest us in this project relate to the conditions, forms and processes of social, spiritual and economic change on the soil of Croatia in this period. The intentions of the project are tied with viewing social/humanistic knowledge as illuminated by social processes and events of this time, aiding the results of research to be integrated in special collections of papers, presenting pictures of the times with respect for period context, and thoughts about this. Besides ethnologists and folklorists, specialists from other disciplines have also been invited for participation on the project – sociologists, historians, political scientists, economists, psychologists…


Nagrada Milovan Gavazzi

The Croatian Ethnological Society bestows the annual "Milovan Gavazzi" award for exceptional achievements in ethnology