Milovan Gavazzi Award

The Croatian Ethnological Society bestows the annual "Milovan Gavazzi" award for exceptional achievements in ethnology. The award may be presented to several categories, and also for museological work, scientific and pedagogical work, for the preservation of cultural heritage, popularization of the profession and student work.
The award for lifetime work "Milovan Gavazzi" is given to one outstanding individual/individuals who show exceptional and consistent promotion of the ethnological profession through publications, exhibitions or in other ways present excellence.

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Milovan Gavazzi (Gospic, 1895 – Zagreb, 1992) was one of the most well known Croatian ethnologists of the 20th century. He studied slavistics, germanic languages and philosophy in Zagreb and Prague. He founded the ethnological scientific work by teaching ethnology at the philosophical faculty in Zagreb as the chair of ethnology. In the period 1923-27, he worked as a curator in the ethnographic museum in Zagreb. From 1927, he was professor and chair in ethnology until retirement in 1965. He contiued to teach part-time for a full two decades after retirement. He delt with historical ethnology, early slavic ethnographic heritage, Croatian traditional culture, the culture of neighboring slavic peoples, of other European nations as well as non-european cultures. Along side of this, he studied folk music, songs and dancing. Alongside his teaching and scientific work, he involved himself with publishing and film projects, and also started ethnographic cartography. He was awarded the Herder prize in 1970. The was the author of numerous studies and articles, as well as the editor of books, including: Godina dana hrvatskih narodnih obicaja (A year of Croatian folk customs,1939), Vrela i sudbine narodnih tradicija (Authority and destiny in folk tradition,1978), Bastina hrvatskog sela (Heritage of the Croatian village, 1991).

Milovan Gavazzi


Nagrada Milovan Gavazzi

The Croatian Ethnological Society bestows the annual "Milovan Gavazzi" award for exceptional achievements in ethnology