Annual symposium

The professional and scientific meeting is held once a year. Members of the Croatian Ethnological Society as well as scholars from other fields present their scientific and professional papers related to the theme of the conference as well as their current research work.

The General assembly is held each year, while the Electoral assembly is held every second year. Usually, the venue of the assembly is tied to the annual symposium.

The Ethnological Club meets usually once a month during the academic year. The aim of this programme is twofold: it offers a forum for discussion on various topics and gives possibilities for members to inform other colleagues about current activities within their research and professional projects.

Croatian – Slovenian ethnological "paralele"

A Croatian – Slovenian ethnological meeting under the name of Hrvatsko-slovenske etnološke paralele began taking place towards the end of the 1980’s. Normally, it is held every other year, by turns in Croatia and Slovenia. Besides being an occasion for getting to know ones associates and current affairs in the profession, these meetings act to promote individual ethnological work throughout the border region. After a break of 15 years, the "paralele" was taken up again in April 2004, when a meeting was held in Motovun.

Ethnological Summer School

The Croatian Ethnological Society has organized summer schools at times, intended primarily for people who are not ethnologists, for advancement of teaching staff and students of the pedagogical academy, who out from their individual work can help in raising awareness about the traditional culture of their region. The Ethnological Summer School is held during the later weeks of August, with presentations by ethnologists, ethnomusicologists, folklorists, architects, historians and other experts. Since 2001, five summer schools have been organized in the regions of Banija and Gorski Kotar.


Nagrada Milovan Gavazzi

The Croatian Ethnological Society bestows the annual "Milovan Gavazzi" award for exceptional achievements in ethnology